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Can Understanding Your Ancestral Emotions Transform Your Health?


Dr. Julia DiGangi is a renowned neuropsychologist and she joins Dr. Mindy for an enlightening conversation that delves deep into the interplay between the brain, leadership, and emotions. Dr. DiGangi, whose extensive research has been conducted at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago, brings her expert insights into how our emotional responses are fundamentally within our control.

She discusses the ancestral nature of our emotional states and highlights three to four key emotional cravings that shape our behavior. Throughout the episode, Dr. DiGangi provides powerful strategies to overcome mental hurdles related to health habits, offering a blend of complex insights and actionable advice.

In this podcast, Can Understanding Your Ancestral Emotions Transform Your Health, you’ll learn:

  • The ancestral origins of emotional patterns and their impact on our emotional responses
  • Practical strategies for overcoming emotional hurdles in health habits
  • The power of self-trust and embracing uncertainty to reclaim personal power
  • How to take control of your emotional destiny and build emotional resilience
  • The importance of integrating emotional health for unity in our lives

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