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Emotional Power At Home

Your home runs on the energy of emotions. How connected, calm and satisfying your relationships are depends on how intelligently you navigate your feelings and the feelings of the people most connected to you.

Emotionally Powerful Partnerships​

Why Dr. DiGangi

Dr. DiGangi – a neuropsychologist and expert in the connection between your brain, relationships, and emotions – is powerfully equipped to guide you into a more fulfilling, calm, and connected romantic relationship at home.  Her evidence-based work draws on her neuroscience research, practice, and expertise.

Dr. DiGangi offers both individual and group coaching. Please check out our FAQs. For more information, reach out at

Success Stories


If we worked together, our work would focus on coaching and not therapy. The distinction is that therapy is focused on addressing specific mental health conditions (e.g., treating conditions like depression) whereas mentorship is focused on empowerment (e.g., how do I access greater levels of emotional intelligence, emotional power, meaning and connection). Coaching is a gorgeous, moving, and fun process. We clarify your vision for your life and leadership and, together, we co-create it. It’s deep work, but it’s a blast, too.

The work typically lasts either 6 months or 9 months. We pick a standing time each week and meet for an hour each week. Some people use the full time and some choose to use a portion of it. That time is protected time, always there for you to use however you choose.

Pricing varies based on package purchased and payment plan selected. Some clients use their organization’s professional development funds and some choose to pay out-of-pocket. Reach out for more information.