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Transform Pain Into Power with Neuropsychologist Dr. Julia DiGangi


There is a surprising factor that limits your leadership potential – Unresolved trauma. Trauma is a disruption of the patterns our brains trust to navigate life. Dr. Julia DiGangi delves into how unresolved childhood survival strategies, once beneficial, become constraints to leadership in adulthood. Transforming these ingrained patterns is essential for unleashing true leadership potential.

Dr.Julia DiGangi is a neuropsychologist who completed her clinical training at a consortium of Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. She has nearly two decades of experience studying the connection between our brains and our behavior. Dr. DiGangi has worked with leaders at the White House Press Office, global companies, international NGOs, and US Special Forces. Her understanding of stress, trauma, and resilience is also informed by her work in international development and humanitarian aid, where she served some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. The founder of NeuroHealth Partners, a neuropsychology-based consultancy, DiGangi shows people—at work and at home—how to harness the power of the brain to lead more satisfying and emotionally intelligent lives.

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