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From Suffering to Growth with Dr. Julia DiGangi


What if your greatest pain in life was not the terrible things that happen to you, but instead the confusion and disjunction between your mind and body? Our bodies are wired for survival, but we all hope to find peace and contentment. Is it possible? Our guest on this week’s podcast believes it is. Listen and learn: How pain increase amygdala size and activity while simultaneously decreasing hippocampus size and activity Why self trust is the missing link in the confusion created by pain How exposure and facing our pain head on is the only way through The idiocy of trying to outrun or avoid the monster that lives between your ears Links ABOUT OUR GUEST Dr. Julia DiGangi is a neuropsychologist and founder of NeuroHealth Partners, specializing in the neuroscience of emotional, cognitive, and social health. She also has an excellent TEDx talk on the art of suffering. 

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