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Dr. DiGangi speaks on a wide range of topics related to the brain, emotional power, leadership, and relationships.

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Live & Virtual Speaking

For a sample of Dr. DiGangi’s live and virtual speaking, check out her speaking reel.

Emotional Dominion

What it takes to claim your supreme emotional power

dr. julia digangi speaks on emotional dominion
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Ultimate Arbiter

Why your feelings are the ultimate authority of your life.

You're Asking the Wrong Question

Listen to Dr. DiGangi speak about the power of letting go.

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TED Talk

Listen to Dr. DiGangi‘s TEDx Talk on emotional pain and emotional power.

About Dr. DiGangi

Dr. DiGangi is a neuropsychologist who examines the connection between your brain, your emotional energy, and your life.

One of the world’s leading behavioral scientists, Dr. DiGangi works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and the human spirit.  She has conducted research and treated patients at Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, the University of Chicago, and elsewhere. Her research, rooted in resilience after extreme adversity, shows you how to rise in the face of your struggles. Dr. DiGangi teaches leaders—at work and at home—how to use their brains to engineer their most emotionally powerful lives.