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Your ability to lead a powerful life—at work and at home—depends on how well you harness the energy that powers your brain.

A neuropsychologist explains how.

Your drive to create change, have impact, and build relationships all comes from energy—real, electrical impulses—firing in your brain. Who you become—how effective you are as a person and a leader—depends on learning to work with this energy. When this energy rises within you, you feel empowered and dynamic. But when this energy falls, you feel depleted and defeated.   

You may often feel as if you don’t control this emotional energy, that it’s an inevitable consequence of the world around you and the forces bearing down on you. But that’s not the case. You can learn to recognize your brain’s energy, harness it, and transform it from painful to powerful so you can reach your full potential. Leading neuropsychologist Julia DiGangi will teach you how through eight “codes.” Some of the codes will surprise you. All will fortify you. 

You will learn why these codes work and how to apply them to your own challenges through exercises and reflections. Scientific and soulful, Energy Rising offers you a provocative and neuroscientifically accurate path to greater emotional power, influence, and connection at work and at home.   

A deeply experienced neuropsychologist, DiGangi has conducted research and treated patients with colleagues at Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, the University of Chicago, and elsewhere. Her research, rooted in resilience after extreme stress, shows you how to effectively deal with common struggles you face in your life or work. For many years, DiGangi worked with trauma survivors—ranging from survivors of domestic abuse to combat veterans—and helped them transform their energy so they could reach powerful new heights. She tells their stories and those of business leaders, parents and relationship partners who discovered how to use the eight codes to rise.  

When you start viewing your life less about the activities you do and more about the natural energies within and around you, your power to live and lead with impact grows exponentially. Get ready to feel your energy rising.

Dr. DiGangi is a neuropsychologist who works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, and the human spirit.

She is an expert on the connection between our brains and our behavior. An accomplished scientist, she applies her research to address stress and trauma in business, educational, family, and military contexts. Her understanding of stress and trauma is also informed by her work in international development and humanitarian aid, where she served some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. The founder of NeuroHealth Partners, a neuropsychology-based consultancy, DiGangi helps people lead their most emotionally powerful lives. DiGangi shows leaders—at work and at home—how to use their brains to engineer more satisfying and emotionally intelligent lives.