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Dr. DiGangi is an expert in the connection between our brains, emotions and relationships. She shows people how to harness the power of the brain to lead more satisfying and emotionally intelligent lives.

Her fMRI and EEG research examine the brain, stress, and resilience. Dr. DiGangi brings years of scientific expertise, clinical work, and applied experience serving leaders at the highest levels of power, including The White House, top leadership at global companies, and Special Forces.

Speaking Engagements

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Are you more attentive than a goldfish?

Dr. DiGangi talks about the brain and your attention

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TEDx: How to suffer less and succeed more

Dr. DiGangi talks about how to use your brain to transform your emotional pain into emotional power

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Heal Your Relationships

Dr. DiGangi talks about how to heal a key mistake you’re making in your relationships

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Are you asking the wrong question?

Dr. DiGangi speaks about the power of letting go

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Neuroscience Makes Better Leaders - Pain & Power - Understand the Brain Better

Dr. DiGangi discusses the brain and how it affects leaders.

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How Adversity Can Become Your Emotional Power

Dr. DiGangi speaks on common mistakes and how to avoid them