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Mastering Emotions and Maximizing Energy in Financial Decisions


How much of your own emotions and energy go into your financial decisions? Dr. Julia DiGangi joins Joe to chat about how to master your emotions and maximize your energy. She teaches us how to recognize stress triggers so you can control your emotions and energy before they get out of hand. What proactive steps can we take to master our emotions?

She will help each of us self-analyze our relationship with money – the emotional energy and emotional relationship. What would your money say about you and how you treat it? What kind of energy and emotions are you treating it with?

In our headline, we look at an encouraging trend in minority populations in the US with regard to how many people are working with financial professionals.

We’ll throw out the Haven Lifeline to Mark who has a question about target-date funds. Plus, Doug may or may not try to pull a fast one on us with his American history-themed trivia.


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