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The Root of Your Anxiety and Stress | Dr. Julia DiGangi


Lose the renewal fees, get a lifetime subscription of Rosetta Stone for the special price of $149 (usually $399) and immerse yourself in language! I’m running a LIVE Investing Workshop on December 12th & 13th, where I’ll guide you on how to create a secure financial future, and help remove the guesswork that comes with investing!! This is totally FREE to join. Go to and you can secure your spot! #61: Dr. Julia DiGangi has nearly two decades of experience studying the connection between our brains and our behavior. Her understanding of stress, trauma, and resilience has allowed her to show people how to harness the power of the brain to lead more satisfying and emotionally intelligent lives. In this episode you will learn: – The navigating principles of your emotions – How our actions are dedicated by our beliefs – How to locate the root cause of your pain – The psychological techniques to regain your power – Unleash your full potential Get Dr. Julia DiGangi’s book: Energy Rising: The Neuroscience of Leading with Emotional Power Thanks for tuning in and come back every Tuesday for a brand-new episode! Prefer to listen on the go? Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Did you enjoy the episode?⁠⁠ Please leave us a review here⁠⁠: (just scroll to the bottom and tap on “leave a review”) It really helps the podcast especially since we’re just getting started. Even just a sentence is perfect! Follow the podcast @erikataughtme across platforms. Connect with me on Instagram at… and For more information, go to

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