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Utilizing Past Trauma & Stress to Build Resilience and Unleash Your Potential, with Neuropsychologist Dr. Julia DiGangi


Dr. Julia DiGangi, Ph.D., Harvard fellow, neuropsychologist and author of the new book, Energy Rising, joins Jillian to discuss the relationship between trauma, stress, and resilience in the brain. So many of us get in our own way and then wonder why we don’t have all the things we want out of life. Dr. DiGangi shows us how we are unconsciously creating negative feedback loops in our lives and how to change that behavior permanently. Learn to manage anxiety, harness the power of your emotions, stop over compensating, and unlock the power of your authentic, organic self. It’s time to use the science of brain chemistry and neuropsychology to rewire our minds and make our thoughts, behaviors, and actions manifest the destiny we truly want.

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