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Julia DiGangi: Harnessing Emotional Energy For Personal & Leadership Success


Our drive to create change, have impact & solve problems all comes from emotional energy. Who we become – how dynamic & powerful we are as people & leaders – depends upon our learning to work with this energy.

Leaders may feel as if they don’t control this energy, that it’s just a product of the world around them & the forces bearing down on them. But that’s just not the case.

A through-line of this podcast is the thesis that we humans are nowhere near the rational beings we’ve long believed we were. Science has proven that feelings & emotions hold profound sway over our choices & decisions – a truth that applies to the people we lead & manage just as much as to ourselves.

Dr. Julia DiGangi is a practicing neuropsychologist & the author of “Energy Rising: The Neuroscience of Leading With Emotional Power.”  She joins us to discuss how emotions shape our worldview & ultimately, our behavior. Positive emotions make us all feel worthy, confident, strong, significant, strong & important. Negative emotions – like anxiety, fear, worry, anger & disappointment – give us pain & make us suffer.

If positive emotions enable our best performance & negative emotions undermine it, Dr. DiGangi says we must consciously reflect upon our own emotional experiences & realize they are the primary force that impacts how we affect other people. And most leaders greatly underestimate the power & influence they have by mindfully harnessing their emotional energy.

One of Dr. DiGangi’s key assertions is that our leadership effectiveness is fully dependent upon our ability to use emotional energy to successfully lead ourselves – & the sad truth is most of us tend to deplete our own power by doubting our own value & worth, & by not remaining true to ourselves. 

Magnetic leadership is when other people follow us because they are attracted to the power of our example. This episode is dedicated to reminding you of your great value as a person so – in your role as a leader – you can go on to remind others of theirs.

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