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Put ‘Great Sex’ on Your Vacation To-Do List

Vacation sex can be an excellent way to reconnect with your partner, but sometimes expectations don’t meet reality

Matt Hughes wanted everything to be perfect to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary. He took his wife to an oceanfront suite at a luxury resort and had flowers, chocolate and Champagne delivered. That night, the couple went to dinner at a French restaurant. 

When they returned to their room, Hughes dimmed the lights, leaned in for a kiss—and heard a great, big woof.

Several dogs started barking in the next room. The couple tried to carry on, but the pooches proved too distracting. The front desk wasn’t much help; the room’s human occupants were nowhere to be found. 

After several hours, Hughes, 53 years old, a technology executive from San Clemente, Calif., drove to a pharmacy and bought earplugs. “It was really frustrating,” he said.

What is it they say about best-laid plans? (Pun intended.)

Vacation sex can be an excellent way for us to reconnect with our partner—and create memories we can draw on in the future. We’re already focused on pleasure and adventure. The novelty of a new place can be arousing. Without the distraction of our daily responsibilities, we should have more time to make it happen.


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