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8 Top Habits And Quirks That Expose Annoying Managers

Insights from the workforce trenches reveal the annoying habits and quirks of managers that make employees want to pull their hair out.

The biggest complaint most workers have about their jobs is a bad boss. Managers with bad boss energy confuse their subordinates, gaslight employees, email before thinking and manage down. According to neuropsychologist, Dr. Julia DiGangi, author of Energy Rising: The Neuroscience of Leading with Emotional Power, you know you’re dealing with bad boss energy when interactions with your manager make your heart pound, jaw clench or bring up feelings of dread and anxiety. Would you put your manager on “The Most Annoying List” or “The Greatest of All Time List?”

How To Spot An Annoying Manager

If you think you’re the only employee in the workplace with an infuriating manager, you’re not alone. According to a ResumeHelp August 2023 survey, 84% of respondents said their managers exhibit annoying behaviors and more than seven in 10 respondents (74%) have considered leaving the team or company because of it. Only five percent of workers say their managers never annoy them, and 82% admit that they gossip about a manager’s annoying behaviors that have an impact on team morale. Other highlights from the study include the following:

  • 32% say they experience managers’ annoying behaviors every day or several times a week.
  • 82% reported a negative impact on team morale, and 74% observed a negative impact on team productivity due to their manager’s conduct.
  • 72% believe the manager’s annoying behaviors contribute to conflicts or tension within the team.
  • 87% of workers say they have discussed the annoying behaviors with their managers, and 62% report that the issue was resolved while 25% say the issue wasn’t resolved.


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