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Betty and Veronica: The Psychology Behind the Timeless Comic Book Icons

A neuropsychologist weighs in on what the iconic duo can teach us about ourselves.

If you grew up reading Archie comics, you likely remember Betty and Veronica, the dynamic duo who constantly competed for the freckle-faced boy next door’s affections. First introduced in 1941, Archie and his friends came to embody all-American midcentury teen culture, and eight decades after the characters were first introduced, they’re still going strong — and have grown modern audiences with their own social media presence on InstagramFacebook, and more.

There have been numerous Archie comics series over the years. Plus, the over-the-top teen CW soap opera Riverdale introduced the Archie gang to a new generation of fans — it recently wrapped up after seven successful seasons.

So, what makes Betty and Veronica endure, when so few things that originated in the ’40s are still with us? The characters occupy an almost mythic status at the intersection of retro kitsch and timeless classic. With their stylish outfits, contrasting personalities, and all too common “frenemy” relationship, Betty and Veronica are eternal teen icons.


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