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To get past an emotional pain, pick a more powerful, positive pain to embrace

We feel emotions. But neuropsychologist Julia DiGangi asks you to picture them instead, as a bridge between where you currently stand and where you want to be. “When you learn how to work with the energy of your emotions, you find empowerment, clarity and satisfaction,” she writes in Energy Rising.

She stresses that you won’t eradicate stress, anxiety, disappointment and other bad feelings from your life. The goal should be to rise even when your situations give you plenty of good reasons to stay down.

To do that, you need to reconfigure your sense of emotions to see them as energy. She has tracked them through magnetic resonance imaging. When an emotion like fear, anger or happiness occurs, she can measure spikes in the brain’s energy. “Your emotions are the product of a complex dance between electrical, chemical and magnetic energies,” she notes.


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